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At present, Alaska's insurance code does not require licensing of "public adjusters" or adjusters who handle claims on behalf of insured, not insurance companies. The Alaska Division of Insurance does not have jurisdiction to either authorize or prohibit such activities in this state except to the extent such activities involve unfair or deceptive trade practices under Chapter 36 of Alaska's insurance code (AS 21.36.125, Unfair Claim Settlement Practices).

While public adjusters are not licensed under the insurance code, licensing may be required under other provisions of Alaska law. In particular, public adjusting may constitute the practice of law, and thus, may require a license to practice law depending on the nature and scope of the activities performed in the state. See Christiansen vs. Melinda, 857, P .2d 345 (Alaska 1993) addressing the definition of "practice of law for civil and criminal purposes".

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